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 [Rules] Ranger's Code

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PostSubject: [Rules] Ranger's Code   Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:47 pm

Hey everyone.
I thought I would add the rules in, so that no one gets in trouble unnecessarily.

Clan Rules:
1. Do not leave or AFK games with clanmates in them on purpose, due to reasons such as Rage.
2. Do not bad mouth clan mates or make them feel bad.
3. Do whatever you want with your clanmates, as long as it does not conflict with rules 1 & 2.

Forums Rules:
1. No porn (partial nudity is acceptable, but within reason) , no spam (i.e. links to other websites without Administrator permission) and no belittling!
2. If you post something graphic/pornographic then don't make it instantly visible. Put it in code and give warning as to what the picture is of.
3. Avoid necroposting/double posting where possible, but there is leniency.

If any clan member were to break any of these rules then punishment will be handed out according to the rule broken, and the number of times said member has broken a rule.

Rule of thumb: If you do something wrong once, don't do it again.

Other than that, have fun!

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[Rules] Ranger's Code
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