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 Join the RotFL chat room!

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PostSubject: Join the RotFL chat room!   Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:54 pm

Hey everyone!
Just a reminder to join the RotFL chat room automatically on login.

This allows all members to see when another member is on. This really helps as you don't have to add every single member to your friends list. Smile

Its also a great place to just hang out.

Don't know how to auto login to chatroom? Follow this!:
1.Log into League of Legends.
2.Click on the "Chatroom" button down the very bottom left, right next to friends list.
3.Click on the "Join chatroom" button, which looks oddly like a door, type in "RotFL". Without the " " of course.
4.Up the very top right of the chatroom, which is now open, click on the "Options button", shaped like a gear.
5.Tick the "Autojoin on startup" option.
6.Talk with your fellow clan mates!

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Join the RotFL chat room!
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