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 Understand those Minnions!

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Understand those Minnions! Empty
PostSubject: Understand those Minnions!   Understand those Minnions! Icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 3:30 am

I did not write this, I don't get credit for this, All credit to the maker, here's a link:http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/gameguide/208-game-mechanics-the-missing-manual.xhtml

Ok so for those who didn't know the AI of the minnions here is how they work!

inions are the little spawned guys that make their way up the lane. They include normal minions, caster minions, cannon minions and when an inhibitor is down, super minions. They differ from Creeps who live in the jungle.

Under normal circumstances, a minion's behavior is extremely simple. Minions follow their attack route until they reach an enemy to engage. Every few seconds, they will scan the area around them for the highest priority target.

When a minion receives a call for help from an ally, it will evaluate its current target in relation to the target designated by the call. It will switch its attack to the new target if and only if the new target is of a higher priority than their current target.

Minions prioritize targets in the following order:

1. An enemy champion designated by a call for help from an allied champion.
2. An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied champion.
3. An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
4. An enemy turret designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
5. An enemy champion designated by a call for help from an allied minion.
6. The closest enemy minion.
7. The closest enemy champion.

Note: Single-target spells such as Annie's Disintegrate or Kassadin's Null Sphere will not generate a call for help.

Because they are continuously reevaluating their target, minions will lose interest in an enemy champion if that champion breaks off an engagement with them, provided that there is any other target left for them to choose within range.

Remember, however, that minions will only reevaluate their target every few seconds. This means that if your champion initiates an attack against an enemy champion, your champion will continue to be viewed as the most threatening target for a short time after you have broken off the attack. This is true even if one of your allied champions has joined the fight, since minions always prioritize their current target over a new target of equal priority.

Minions health gets buffed for each inhibitor that is destroyed on the enemy team. Still finding out the exact math behind it, but it seemed like +60 per inhibitor.

Let me also clarify what ''Call for Help'' is. At first I got confused by it but it is actually the action your hero or any other hero does when attacked, So if you take damage, your hero automatically does a ''Call for Help''.

Understand those Minnions! Exsingalacticsig
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Understand those Minnions!
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